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No one likes to feel like they’re going from one thing to the next, jumping from task to task, with little time for themselves. It isn’t until we hit a wall that we realize that we’re quickly approaching burn out. With work from home being in place, it’s easy to feel like you have a million and one things to do, even in your own home.

Here are some quick suggestions to re-invigorate your mind.


  1. Check in.

Ask yourself, “How are you?” as if you just received a message from your good friend, key word being good friend, someone you can be truthful with. Someone who cares about you.

Be honest with this answer. If the answer is, “I’m good”, then elaborate. “Tell me, what it is that’s good with you, my friend?”  What’s been contributing to the good day?

Three Figs Counseling Center


  1. Experience the goodness.

Whether it’s something big or small, acknowledge the experience in how it felt good. Sometimes we go through the motions but don’t pause to savor those things we take for granted until we don’t have it anymore. The weather’s nice! I got my coffee this morning! I’m eating a good lunch. I’ve been productive today. I showered. I’m wearing a comfortable shirt. I made time to put on my makeup. I got to talk with a friend.

Three Figs Counseling Center


  1. Listen to what’s going on, not to solve it, but to acknowledge.

Explore what’s happening for you. “Tell me friend, what’s going on?” After asking yourself this question, you may notice that you’ve been carrying a feeling of sadness or discomfort. You may acknowledge that something isn’t sitting quite right but you’re not sure how to put it into words. Give yourself permission to be nice and hear the things that a good and loving friend might say. Imagine that good friend being there to listen. “Yeah, this experience is challenging. Yes, this is so hard right now and that’s ok.”

Sometimes just acknowledging the feeling allows it to move through our system and get out of feeling stuck. Take a few moments to listen to that part in you that’s needing your attention.

Three Figs Counseling Center


  1. Notice what it is that you’re craving/needing in the moment.

Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Are you needing a laugh? Attention? Peace? Maybe you’re suddenly noticing how your body is achy around the shoulders. Take a moment to give yourself what you can to help ease those areas. Roll your shoulders forward and backwards. Move your neck around. Stretch out your arms. Get up, look outside, and take the deepest breath you’ve taken all day. Moving around and out of an environment can help us to take a mental break, a recess from the tunnel vision. Watch a funny youtube video, say hello to a friend, take a 10 minute meditation break. Whatever it is, tend to your self the way you would for someone needing a hand. Acknowledge the need and lead yourself to it.

Three Figs Counseling Center


  1. Create comfort from within.

Gentle, simple reminders like, “I’m safe. I’m loved. I’m whole. I’m here. I’ve experienced this before. I’m capable. I’m learning. My needs matter. This will pass,” can help to push pause and interrupt the negative voice from within and disrupt the inner critic. Gently allow yourself to return to this place of comfort and support. Use at any time of the day to soothe, refresh, and comfort.

Three Figs Counseling Center

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