Every night I dread going to sleep. I can predict another sleepless night that awaits me. I lay in bed watching shows on my tablet, hoping the sandman will come along and sprinkle magical sleep dust on my head. My sleep is restless. The cat jumps on my bed, there’s a noise outside a car […]

Love & Conflict

We never really had problems in our relationship. We love each other very much, lately it seems like the stress of life, kids, work, family and other responsibilities monopolized our resources of time, money, and energy; causing us to argue more than we ever have before. I cannot remember what started this continuous distress between […]

Through the Difficult Years

When I had my baby, everyone told me to get ready for the sleepless nights and terrible twos. No one told me to about the obnoxious teen years. Raising a teenager is not what it use to be. The life of a teenager has become more complex with the addition of a fast pace world, […]

Don’t Push Me

Many children get teased at one point in their lives, whether it be at school or at home. Unfortunately, bullying is not necessary the same thing as a friendly teasing amongst siblings or good friends. Bullying is hurtful, debilitating, scarring, and potentially traumatic experience for some children. While children are incredibly resilient, the constant torment […]

Phase of Life

As human beings we can expect to face struggle, adversities and pain. So, how do we cope with these burdens? How do we move forward in our lives when we’re pulling so much weight? We may find ourselves amidst changes and circumstances for which we no point of reference.  Parenting a teen, ‘being’ a teen, […]

Falling Under Pressure

During an age when adolescents have fluctuating hormones, pressure from parents to succeed in school (to ultimately get into a good college), fitting in with peers is an added pressure all teens will face. Many teens are aware of and seek out, what I call the “cool” factor. That teen that seems to dress the […]