Many children get teased at one point in their lives, whether it be at school or at home. Unfortunately, bullying is not necessary the same thing as a friendly teasing amongst siblings or good friends. Bullying is hurtful, debilitating, scarring, and potentially traumatic experience for some children. While children are incredibly resilient, the constant torment of bullying can have a damaging effect.

Bullying can be defined as anything from name-calling, intimidation, threatening harm to another, leaving out others intentionally, intentional embarrassment, spitting on others, kicking, hitting, pushing, or punching, additionally, taking objects or mean hand gestures.

The effects of bullying early adulthood can look like…indecision, social anxiety, social withdrawal, depression, decrease in self-esteem, anger, just to name a few. The effects of bullying if not properly treated can have a lasting effect on an individual.

Clients come to me when both parent and child are at a loss for how to deal with bullying. Parents may have contacted the school and spoken with an advisor or principal, while the school is made aware of the “problem” they do little or nothing to prevent the bullying behavior. Frustrated parents express to teachers the problem with bullying, and the schools rely with their strict anti-bullying rules. However, little changes in the lives of a child who is being bullied at school. I work with both parents and children to find resolution to a difficult topic. Offering the child, a safe space to express themselves and the guide them through the painful thoughts and feelings of being bullied, or bullying others.

At the most basic level, having a safe place to talk about their experiences begins to transform the shame of being bullied into lesser impactive emotions such as humiliation and embarrassment.  From there, we are able to to empower the child…by using art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.


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