Surviving and Recovering from The Holidays Support Group

Surviving & Recovering From The Holidays Support Group

Do you need support before and after the holidays?


You are not alone


A 6-week virtual group will discuss a wide range of topics, such as managing holiday stress, boundaries, expectations, rituals, values, and so much more!


Must be located in California between ages 21 and up. Space is limited. Register today!

Our first group starts November 28, 2022 to January 2, 2023


Group meets virtually on Mondays at 1pm


Cost is $50/group or $250 for 6 weeks



Meet Your Group Guides


Fern Farley, LMFT 92100,  she specializes in helping those looking to increase self-confidence, decrease anxiety, and depression, and develop strong interpersonal skills.

Her wide range of professional and personal experience has made her passionate about her work as an affirming therapist and advocate. She is excited to support your journey toward radical self-love and joy.

Three Figs Counseling Center

Fern currently has a few openings for new individual clients.

Click here to get to know if Fern might be the right therapist for you!



  • Who is this group for? Anyone ages 21  and up


  •  When will we meet? Mondays at 1pm


  • Where will we meet? We will meet virtually on a HIPAA-compliant platform. We will provide this information after a screen consultation.


  •  What happens if I miss a group day? Please notify your group facilitator if you think you will be unable to attend the group. We have a 24 hr cancellation policy for our regular therapy sessions and we ask members to please call, email or text if they feel they can not make a meeting. We will charge for those who do not contact us or now show the day of the session.


  •  Will this group be a safe space? Yes! We absolutely want this to be a safe space for everyone to connect, build community, and continue a journey of self-discovery and growth. Our group guide strives to always create a sense of safety, non-judgmental, and the ability to hear everyone’s experiences and make space for all topics.


  • What’s the difference between a closed group? Versus an open group? A closed group is when members begin at the same time, traveling through their support series together as a cohort. There are no new members added after the 8-week group has begun. An open group is when members can start and stop a group each week. This changes the work in the group, a sense of safety, and the ability to share freely. For this reason, we have created this 6-week group series to be a closed group. We want members to feel comfortable and safe to share in this community.


  • What’s the size of the group? Groups are limited to 12 members. Space is limited. We keep the groups small intentionally. Please contact us if you think you’d like to be a part of this wonderful group.


  • If the group is full, what do I do? This is a limited series only available during the holiday season. We also offer individual sessions for those who would like to start therapy immediately.


  • Why do you need to be in California for virtual sessions? In California, therapists are limited to being licensed within the state of California to be able to see clients here. We are unable at this time to see clients outside of California, only because we are not licensed in other states.


  • What happens if I go on vacation outside of California? Can I still join the group? Unfortunately, we would ask that you going us when you return to California. State licensing laws keep us from being able to see a client outside of California, even if they are only on vacation for a few days to weeks.

Still have questions? Please reach out!

We would love to answer all your questions

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