As human beings we can expect to face struggle, adversities and pain. So, how do we cope with these burdens? How do we move forward in our lives when we’re pulling so much weight? We may find ourselves amidst changes and circumstances for which we no point of reference.  Parenting a teen, ‘being’ a teen, changes around our careers, where we live or re-entering into the dating world after a trying divorce or stinging breakup. No matter our age, we can expect to, at any point in life, find ourselves in a difficult ‘phase of life’.  I like the phrase, ‘phase of life’ because it conveys the temporary state of the situation, it acknowledge that these places exist and occur for everyone at one point or another and that they are times meant to be gotten through to the other side.

Anxiety, depression, insomnia, anger, are just some of the ways we might express the stress generated by a ‘phase of life’ issue. Granted, not everyone will develop these symptoms, some will just feel lost in the transition….As if we just woke up and this life we are living is just happening to us. While we may certainly be able to wade our way through our ‘stuckness’, bringing on a supportive therapist is a powerful resource to begin to move us exponentially out of our rut.  

The work that I do with individuals who find themselves in this place is transforming. By engaging the client, to identify their individual phase of life stuckness, enabling the client to slow down and describe the issues, we can then focus on the issues in a supportive and guiding manner, assisting the client in finding meaning within their own life and goals, ultimately moving towards creating a plan or goal to move out of feeling of being stuck.


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