Most mornings I find myself dragging my feet for that warm cup of coffee, I depend on it to pick me up. After last night, I barely slept, most of the night I tossed and turned as my head was filled with all the things I need to do. At night, my mind is jumping from one task to the next, my head is in a constant state of ‘to do lists’, one list for work, one for the family, one for friends, one for me and so on. I find myself jittery and tired most of the day. I depend on caffeine to get me through my days, and attempting to look for ways to relax at night. I find it difficult to concentrate at work, I find myself worrying threw out my day, and feel keyed up for the next moment in my day. Most nights I am lucky if I get 6 hours of sleep; most days I am tired and find myself ready for bed by early evening. My husband worries I need help, because sometimes, I get so worried I literally make myself sick. Somedays, I wish I could just unplug my thoughts, I wish I could eliminate my racing thoughts.

Anxiety symptoms can have a various effects on each individual. Some symptoms can include irritability, fatigue, muscle tension, intestinal discomfort, sleep changes, edginess, restlessness, excessive worriness, or difficulty concentrating.

The result is that we a drained and can feel absolutely hopeless at times.  Anxiety and depression are clinical cousins.  One does not come without the other.  By the time we realize we are under an insurmountable level of distress we do what we can to manage on our own.

We will seek help via self-help books, online blogs, or medication for some relief. Some of the ways people find relief from their anxiety are:

  • Critical analysis of their personal and/or professional lives
  • Learning self-soothing techniques like active breath or visualization exercises
  • Learning to set boundaries with work, friends and family
  • Resurrecting old hobbies and creative outlets
  • Moving further away from in-laws

My clients come to me when they are ready for change and need additional support to reduce their anxious thoughts and feelings. I provide a safe environment in which my clients can express themselves and look for alternative ways of managing their anxiety. In a collaborative manner, we work towards identifying triggers or sources of anxiety, increasing support, increasing coping skills and gaining tools towards a healthier self.


I’d love the chance to collaboratively work with you through your anxious thoughts and feelings.

Contact me to schedule your appointment

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