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When things in life become difficult, we sometimes and we need a branch of support and a place to find safety. Therapy can be a grounding place to find our safety, develop skills, learn the deeper parts of ourselves, learn and understand what you need


Live your life with confidence, with less worry about what the future holds, or manage the everyday stress with ease and control. Having the confidence to know how to communicate your needs to others. Building lasting connections and change in your life.


Our goal is to help you grow into the best version of yourself. With the ease of online scheduling, we want to make things simple in your already complicated life.


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Due to Covid-19, Three Figs Counseling is now providing all client’s online therapy services. We thank you for your flexibility during this time, we are pleased we are able to continue to provide you with therapy at this time and to continue to support you. We provide therapy through a HIPAA compliant software that makes it easy and safe to use for both client and therapist. Your privacy is of our utmost concern. We will continue to provide online therapy services until it is safe to return to the office for face-to-face sessions. 


Online sessions will be a continued offering for those who do not feel ready to return to the office.


Please contact us if you have questions regarding your insurance and coverage with online therapy. 


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